Wednesday, June 29, 2011

An Amazing Connection

It always amazes me to think on how big facebook is.
It gives us so many opportunities to share our pages and adventures. 
That brings me to the story I have to share with you today.
A while back many of you may remember the fan giveaway Tiny Tutus held. 
It was amazing and I still Thank every business page that sponsored us. 
 It was a great way for many of you to see new pages and have a chance to win great prizes.

I had the wonderful Photographer by Lisa Marie sponsor us and her page was offering a free mini session. Once the winner was announced they contacted each other.

The winner, Cindy explained how her mom, Victoria was sick and asked if if Lisa would put a mini session towards a larger one..
 Lisa gladly agreed and then this great connection was made.  After seeing how positive and amazing Vitoria was Lisa proceeded to ask if she could be her subject for the day in the life project she was working on. They then formed a wonderful relationship and decided to keep working together.

Victoria who is also know as "One purple lady bug" has been battling Cancer.  She struggles everyday and wanted Lisa to capture this time in her life.
Victoria's wish is for her to create something that will be able to help everyone out there who is going through this as well.

I invite you to read her story at her blog.
You can also follow her everyday as she writes daily about her battles.
Please go and support her page and Don't forget to Share her story... 

As Victoria says----
Purple Ladybug (that's me) believes in the strong power of 'ONE' person, one smile, one hug or ? All it takes is 'ONE' thing to happen during your day to change the way you feel, it may be amazing or even heartbreaking. We face many 'ONE's each and every day, so join me as I take my future 'ONE' day at a time and write about my journey as a cancer conqueror and the 'ONE's in my daily life.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

For Photographers Only-Mini Session Photo Shoot

     Tiny Tutus would like to offer something to all the great photographers out there! 
If you were intrested in booking mini sessions for an afternoon and wanted to do something different, then why not spice it up with some tutu fun?!

     This package will start with a minimum of 3 tutus at a promotional price and will suit the needs of the photographer.
They can either order 3 or more sizes of different styles and color or can they get them custom made to their clients so they can keep the tutu as part of the session package.
We can also make teddy bear tutus as a keepsake instead of them taking home a full size tutu.

     The ideas are endless and Tiny Tutus would love to be a part of your session.

Please contact me for further details!!
*Proof of business will be required.*