Sunday, February 27, 2011

Care Instuctions

For your tutus:
The tulle we use is very delicate so we recommend to
  • * Hang your tutu when not in use
  • * Spot clean with a clean, damp cloth
  • * Use steam if you tutu becomes wrinkled (steam from a shower or humidifier works great)
  • * DO NOT machine wash your tutu

Packaging can flatten your tutu so we recommend running your fingers in an upwards motion to fluff it up. You can also lift and pull the tulle gently in an upwards motion to really get that extra fullness.

 If you requested embellishments on your tutu, then I highly recommend you check these over after each use to ensure nothing has come loose. These can cause a chocking hazard! These are spot wash only.

Please do not use a hot iron to steam out any wrinkles. The heat damages the tulle and is unrepairable.

Princess Tea Cups:
 I recommend washing gently by hand to preserve the crystals on these pieces.
Do not wash in a dishwasher or immerse in water, we cannot guarantee that the crystals will stay on. We do have a small repair kit if needed.

These are spot wash only.


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