Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I am always looking for new flowers to work with or create, here are some custom orders & new styles.
These are some new flowers--Pansy-- that I will be adding to my collection, these are a deep red with a hint of black.

--Pansy--in an orange and yellow on a coral seamless satin headband
Here is some Cherry Blossoms in a set of three.

Cherry Blossom in a beautiful blue and green
Introducing a new Satin headband we will be adding to our collection. These beautiful satin roses are handmade by me, they can be made with or without the pearl and will be applied to our seamless satin headbands. The roses will match the satin on your tutu perfectly.
A few different ways we can make the satin rose headbands.
Shown in red.
This birdcage netted hairband was made to match a hot pink & black tutu.
This black classic headband was made to match her tutu, made with cherry blossom flowers, feathers and finished with a birdcage veil. Shown on bear to give you a better visual, :)

Made in Adult size.
The lighting is horrbile :(
This beautiful birdcage headband is made with a beautiful eggplant purple flower with black and purple feathers, I wished you all could see it in person, its beautiful!

Some new flowers, available in a variety of colors and styles

A new feather to add to our collection, comes in white and black, any flower or netting can be applied,
(Bird pattern & other colors available, contact me for details on these)
If there is something you have in mind and haven't seen it here, please feel free to contact me, I would be more than happy to create your headband!

Boxed Sets

These high gloss boxes are lined with satin or organza(as in pic) and finished with a bow to match, this is all applied by me, you can purchase any tutu with/without a matching headband or teddy bear tutu. This box is perfect for storing your items afterwards.

If purchased with a set then the price will be bundled.
Personalized box with no items $18
Box w/satin material $16
This box is a keepsake box, no thin cardboard used.
Boxes can also be personalized, this box that was made for Lola will include a tutu with matching headband.

Tutu Pics

This tutu is made with Fuchsia, with a rose to match

This tutu is made with red with a flower to match.

This tutu is made with a pastel rainbow colors.

This tutu is made with purple and lilac.

This tutu is made of our rainbow of pinks with a flower to match, ribbon is applied to our tutus unless specified.

This tutu is made with white and two different pinks with a matching rose.

 This tutu is layered slightly with black underneath, you can't see it as much in this picture so I posted a picture on FB to give you a better look.
This order has the matching teddy bear tutu with the black layering and a birdcage netted headband.

This tutu is made with candy pink and hot pink.

This tutu is made with white and three different tones of pink with a matching flower. Ribbon is applied to all our tutus unless specified.

New combination of colors used for the front tutu. It is made with turquoise & two tones of purple.
The other tutus are a rainbow of pastels and 2tones of purple.

Our most popular set! This tutu is made with chocolate brown and baby pink with a matching headband and teddy bear tutu to match. The "russ" bears are also available with any order, Contact me for more details.
Don't forget to also check out my Facebook Page, I usually post pictures on that first,
If there is something you have in mind and haven't seen it here, please feel free to contact me, I would be more than happy to create your tutu!!

Adorable Pics! Thanks for sharing!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!-Fan appreciation auction event!

I cannot thank you all enough for all your kind words and support! 
As of December 2011 Tiny Tutus will have been running solid for 1 year! 
I couldn't have done it without all the support of my fans!! 
To celebrate this we will be running a "fan appreciation auction event". There will be some amazing items up for auction that only start at $1!! We can't forget to add some free stuff too!
So tell all your friends and family to come and check it out!!

Auction runs from November 21-November 25

Here are the rules on how to play:
  • The starting bid will be listed under the photo. 
  • You will need to post the amount you would like to pay with increments of .25cents under the photo.
  •  The last person to bid the highest on the closing date of the auction will receive the item at that price.
  • I will then contact you to retrieve the necessary information to invoice you through paypal.  If you are local then arrangements can be made, contact me for details.
  • The people who win the free items will need to send me a self addressed paid postage envelope (bubble preferred) to avoid paying shipping costs. 
  • Instructions will be posted under each picture so please read everything carefully.
  • You have to be a fan of Tiny Tutus . Please don't unlike Tiny Tutus after this auction is over. It's not nice! If you are interested in what we have in the auction then I am sure you would be interested in the other items as well!
  • This promotion is no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by or associated with Facebook. You are providing your information to Tiny Tutus and not to Facebook. The information you provide will be used for this auction only!

If there are any questions please feel free to contact me at TinyTutus@Shaw.ca
Stay tuned for the album on Facebook. Click HERE to connect.

Here are some of a few items that will be in the auction

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Cutest Little Munchkin Contest!---Winners!

Thanks so much for everyone’s participation in this contest!!
Welcome to all the new fans and I have to say that everyone has the cutest little munchkins!!
Thanks for being so patient, I have had a crazy weekend and I know you guys have been waiting for the results, so here it is:

FIRST place goes to Capri Oliverira. She received over 70 votes!!

SECOND place goes to Hailey-4 months old. She received over 50 votes

THIRD place goes to Leilani-8months old. She received over 30 votes.

You have 48 hours to contact Eternally Hooked and Tiny Tutus for your prizes.
Thanks so Much everyone!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Cutest Little Munchkin Contest!

Tiny Tutus’s & Eternally Hooked has joined up together to have “The cutest little munchkin” contest!!

Here’s how you can play:
What you can need to do is send us the cutest picture of your little monkey(s). This is not limited to just girls and it can be of any age, please keep in mind we mention child and not teenager or adult…lol…I know we can be monkeys sometimes too!! J
 Please send the picture to TinyTutus@Shaw.ca.

After you send us a picture, Tiny Tutus will down load it into a selected album on FB on the Tiny Tutus page-click HERE to connect.
As soon as the contest opens, tell all your friends and family to come and “vote “for it. The 3 pictures with the most amounts of votes win. We have a first, second and third prize. Now before I get into what these amazing prizes are we need to go over some rules!!


  1. In order to “vote” you MUST "like" both ETERNALLY HOOKED page AND Tiny Tutus Facebook page. You must use your personal Facebook profile **business profiles will not be accepted**
  2. In order for the votes to count, all you must type is “Vote” under the picture (other comments will be valid as well)
  3. Only ONE vote per picture per person.
  4. Families can only submit one picture per family.
  5. Please note: Winners will be posted on myblog,-www.TinyTutusforyou.blogspot.com
  6. PLEASE show respect to Tiny Tutus & Eternally Hooked and do not "un-like" them if you do not win their prize :) These items may be free to you, but certainly not for them
  7. ALL WINNERS are responsible to contact the sponsor to claim your prize. You will have 48 HOURS to claim your prize and then another name will be drawn.
  8. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by or associated with Facebook. You are providing your information to Tiny Tutus/Eternally Hooked and not to Facebook. The information you provide will be used for this contest only.

Now if you have any questions feel free to ask us at eternallyhooked@hotmail.com or TinyTutus@Shaw.ca

We would also like welcome you all to become followers of our blogs,

Now onto the prizes!!!
1st Prize is a single layer tutu from Tiny Tutus & a matching hat from Eternally Hooked
2nd Prize is a $20 gift certificate. $10 from Tiny Tutus and $10 from Eternally Hooked.
3rd prize is a teddy bear tutu from Tiny Tutus and a matching headband from Eternally hooked.
Shipping is included in all these fabulous prizes within Canada and the US!!!

Are you excited??? 
We certainly are, so don’t forget to agree to the rules, Click Here to be directed to the right place, and please don’t forget, we had a few in my last giveaway that didn’t agree then the prize had to go to the next person!!

We also ask that you don’t forget to “like” both of the FB pages- Click Here for Tiny Tutus,
This contest will be open to start voting on Aug 19 and close on Sept 9, Winners to be announced shortly after.
Good Luck everyone!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


This double layer tutu is made with Violet & Purple.

This teddy bear tutu is made with a rainbow of colors. Keep in mind any teddy bear tutu can be made in any other size!

This double layer tutu is made with Paris Pink and Hot Pink.

This teddy bear tutu is made with Red, Orange and Yellow.

This double layer tutu is made with Baby Pink and Rose Pink.

This double layer tutu is made with our rainbow of pinks.

This single layer tutu is made in our Canucks theme. Finished with some jewels for an extra sparkle ;)

This is one of our "Mommy & Me" tutu sets.
This double layer tutu was made in Fuchsia and black and as you can see the colors were layered instead of staggered for a different look.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

An Amazing Connection

It always amazes me to think on how big facebook is.
It gives us so many opportunities to share our pages and adventures. 
That brings me to the story I have to share with you today.
A while back many of you may remember the fan giveaway Tiny Tutus held. 
It was amazing and I still Thank every business page that sponsored us. 
 It was a great way for many of you to see new pages and have a chance to win great prizes.

I had the wonderful Photographer by Lisa Marie sponsor us and her page was offering a free mini session. Once the winner was announced they contacted each other.

The winner, Cindy explained how her mom, Victoria was sick and asked if if Lisa would put a mini session towards a larger one..
 Lisa gladly agreed and then this great connection was made.  After seeing how positive and amazing Vitoria was Lisa proceeded to ask if she could be her subject for the day in the life project she was working on. They then formed a wonderful relationship and decided to keep working together.

Victoria who is also know as "One purple lady bug" has been battling Cancer.  She struggles everyday and wanted Lisa to capture this time in her life.
Victoria's wish is for her to create something that will be able to help everyone out there who is going through this as well.

I invite you to read her story at her blog.
You can also follow her everyday as she writes daily about her battles.
Please go and support her page and Don't forget to Share her story... 

As Victoria says----
Purple Ladybug (that's me) believes in the strong power of 'ONE'...one person, one smile, one hug or ? All it takes is 'ONE' thing to happen during your day to change the way you feel, it may be amazing or even heartbreaking. We face many 'ONE's each and every day, so join me as I take my future 'ONE' day at a time and write about my journey as a cancer conqueror and the 'ONE's in my daily life.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

For Photographers Only-Mini Session Photo Shoot

     Tiny Tutus would like to offer something to all the great photographers out there! 
If you were intrested in booking mini sessions for an afternoon and wanted to do something different, then why not spice it up with some tutu fun?!

     This package will start with a minimum of 3 tutus at a promotional price and will suit the needs of the photographer.
They can either order 3 or more sizes of different styles and color or can they get them custom made to their clients so they can keep the tutu as part of the session package.
We can also make teddy bear tutus as a keepsake instead of them taking home a full size tutu.

     The ideas are endless and Tiny Tutus would love to be a part of your session.

Please contact me for further details!!
*Proof of business will be required.*

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Helping Hearts

Helping Hearts Auction is being held now, May 17-19, 2011. don't forget to check them out!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Referral Contest

Here is your chance to win some of Tiny Tutus adorable teddy Bear tutus!!

The first person to get 5 other people to become a fan of Tiny Tutus on Facebook will receive this beautiful teddy bear tutu I just created for free! Shipping will be included!! 

But first some rules!
1. The same person who sends me 5 other new fans will win this teddy bear tutu.
2.Everyone involved needs to be a fan on Tiny Tutus Facebook Page.
3. The new fan will e-mail me at TinyTutus@shaw.ca from their personal e-mail address  and not by the "contact me" button.
4. The new fan just needs to tell me who sent them. The same person who sends me 5  other new fans will win this teddy bear tutu.
5. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by or associated with Facebook. You are providing your information to Tiny Tutus and not to Facebook. The information you provide will be used for this contest only.
6. Please don't unlike Tiny Tutus after this giveaway is over. It’s not nice! If you are interested in winning our prize then I am sure you would be interested in the other items we make and sell!  

I will then announce on facebook when the winner is selected but the winner will be announced back here on my blog (d/t FB rules)

The number of  responses I receive will help me to determine whether to have another giveaway like this!! So good luck and have fun spreading the word about us!!

The winner is Tiffanie Davenport. Please contact me with your details!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Helping Hearts

Helping Hearts is having an auction on May 18, 2011 and Tiny Tutus is so excited to be a part of it!

Helping Hearts is a non profit organization (located in Canada) created by Melissa (Melissa Knowles Photography) & Michelle (Michelle Regner Photography) with the goal of being able to provide families with free photography sessions for families with children who are suffering a life-altering illness or disability. Helping Hearts now has an entire team of photographers who are dedicated to donating their time to Helping Hearts because they believe in sharing the gift of photography with as many families as possible.

Families receive a complimentary photography session, a disk with approximately 20-30 print ready images and a complimentary 8x10 print of choice. Images are posted to a private online gallery and they are welcomed to share with family and friends who are unable to visit. Sessions are entirely accommodated to the needs of the individual family. Sessions will include individual images of the child (including any attached wires/monitors, nothing will need to be disconnected), as well as relationship type images with mom, dad and siblings (if possible). 
Don't forget to check them out at their website:http://www.helping-hearts.ca
There are so many beautiful families with beautiful stories. 
If you are wanting to support the page they accept donations, please e-mail them at: info@helping-hearts.ca 
Don't forget to check out the auction on May 18, all funds are being raised to support Helping Hearts !!